Eli Acuna Photo & Video Dallas: Blog http://www.acunaphoto.com/blog en-us Acuna Photo & Video 2017 info@acunaphto.com (Eli Acuna Photo & Video Dallas) Tue, 31 Jan 2017 19:16:00 GMT Tue, 31 Jan 2017 19:16:00 GMT http://www.acunaphoto.com/img/s/v-5/u374947148-o953083629-50.jpg Eli Acuna Photo & Video Dallas: Blog http://www.acunaphoto.com/blog 120 80 Dallas Wedding Photographer Eli N. Acuna in Los Angels, California http://www.acunaphoto.com/blog/2017/1/dallas-wedding-photographer-in-los-angels-california It was a day just like this one; the cloudless sky gave way for beautiful, unfiltered sunlight. When we arrived at the wedding location in Dallas, I immediately focused on the outdoor patio and gorgeous trees surrounding the property. 
We got to work immediately. The bride’s excitement reverberated through the small room where she had hair/makeup. It was difficult not to get caught up in the laughter as the family playfully joked around while Diana had her makeup done. The wedding was about 2 hours away. 
I quietly slipped out and shot the carefully crafted table top decor in the ballroom. It was obvious that much care was given; the wedding reception setup was crafted down to the finest details. 
As the people arrived, we could feel the rush of excitement begin to build. Friends and family were not only happy to be there for the couple, but they were also amazed at the natural scenery. The setting for photography was perfect!
We managed to get some great shots while the groom got ready. He was a little nervous about the wedding but eased up towards the end as everything began to fall into place. The ceremony went smoothly; before we knew it, it was time for the reception. The couple looked extremely excited. 
The couple’s family members expressed their love for the two in heartfelt speeches during dinner. After many tears of happiness for the union, the wedding party got started. The crowd danced to the upbeat music through the cool night outside amongst the beautiful Dallas lights. It was a pleasure shooting this wedding. We wish you the best! 


Wedding Day Photography Albert & Diana in Los Angeles, CaliforniaWedding Day Photography Albert & Diana in Los Angeles, California

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Maternity Photography Session in Addison, Texas 2017 http://www.acunaphoto.com/blog/2017/1/maternity-photography-session-in-addison-texas-2017 Maternity photography sessions are one of my favorite types of shoots. Couples are always dreamily excited and anxious for the arrival of baby. Our photography session with Manuel and Jessica was no different. When we arrived at the location in Dallas, we were pleased with the beautiful weather and gorgeous sky. I knew we needed to take pictures against the natural setting using unfiltered sunlight. 
Before the photo session, I ensured I had a clear understanding of Manuel and Jessica’s ideas for the pictures. We constantly communicated back and forth and I built a relationship that ensured I was able to deliver exactly what the couple wanted. In addition, we formed a friendship through the exchanges and photography session.
This photo shoot was fun because the couple wanted a different look by having one set of pictures in matching white outfits, and another in red. One set of pictures ended up taking a classic, serious, crisp look; the other was a more playful, vibrant one. 
I loved working with this couple because they possessed an easy going, cheerful attitude; their excitement for the baby was extremely contagious! I can’t wait to set up a newborn photography session here in Dallas for them later on. Thank you for letting be a part of such a life changing even, Manuel and Jessica!

Dallas, maternity, baby, photo shoot, photography, newbornMaternity Photography Session in Addison, Texas 2017Jessica & Manuel Ortiz Maternity Photo Session in Dallas, Texas.

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Unplugged Wedding Dallas, Texas http://www.acunaphoto.com/blog/2016/7/unplugged-wedding-dallas-texas How and why to have an 'Unplugged Wedding'


What is an Unplugged Wedding?

Going unplugged is one of the trendiest and thoughtful new ways brides and grooms are asking guests to simply unplug and put their phones away. This is simply a personal choice, and one that will have your guests truly invested in the experience and joy of your big day rather than trying to get the best shot on their smartphone, tablet or gaming device. Some experts in wedding photography have said some people even bring loud gaming devices! The point of an unplugged wedding is to simply be device free and totally present.


Why You Should Consider an Unplugged Wedding 

If you’ve hired a professional wedding photographer, you might want to consider an unplugged wedding. Especially if you’ve spent a lot of money on your professional photographer to capture every sweet moment. Going unplugged keeps guests from getting in the way of professional shots. Unplugged is also good in terms of religious ceremonies, because some Dallas, Texas churches may not allow photography inside chapels -- just from a doorway or balcony. Being unplugged means less chance of guests getting in the way and ruining shots of your precious “I do”. 


How to Go Unplugged (While Still Being Polite)

When it comes to going unplugged with wedding photography at your Dallas, Texas wedding you can do a few trendy things. 


  • Hang a cool sign or chalkboard up in the front of your ceremony and reception hall that reads: We love your smiling faces and want you to be fully present. Please put away all cameras and phones until after the first dance. 


  • Have a basket at the door asking people to politely go unplugged together. 


  • Announce it in your invitations (not on the invitation itself, but on the wedding website or as an insert in the envelope). That way people are prepared to be unplugged in advance and can simply leave their phones and cameras at home or in the car! 



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Tips to look amazing in your wedding photos http://www.acunaphoto.com/blog/2016/5/tips-to-look-amazing-in-your-wedding-photos Your wedding is a day when you will be photographed a lot. These photographs are important, as they are records that will forever remind you of all that happened on this big day in  your life. 


The quality of your photos would greatly depend on the skills and expertise of your photographer. Nonetheless, you can also prepare for your photo shoot so you have the best photos possible. Here are some tips from Best for Bride (http://www.bestforbride.com), Canada's top bridal dress chain and fashion experts, to help you look fantastic in your wedding pictures.


Find the right photographer 


This previous article which mentions photography is all about perspective is absolutely right. Different couples have different ideas of how their photos should look, and what it should reflect. Choose a photographer who you can connect to and who shares your style, as the first and most important step to having amazing wedding photos. When you find a photographer who understands your vision, your photos will come closer to your expectations. 


Identify your best poses and angles


Search through your favorite photos and observe your poses and profiles in each of them. This will help you recognize your most photogenic angles. Once you do, attempt to mimic them in your wedding photos. This will allow you to showcase yourself in the best way and hide less desirable traits. You can also consult your photographer for suggestions if you are not sure of which profiles and angles photograph best. 


Practice till you are camera-confident


Although all your photos will not be posed portraits, it is likely that the majority of them will be. To ensure that these pictures turn out great, prepare in advance. Figure out your favorite type of smile and poses that flatter you most. Then practice it several times in front of a mirror, till it feels comfortable and natural. This will allow you to settle into these poses quickly on your wedding day. 


Choose photogenic makeup


Although certain cosmetic elements will enhance your actual look, they can have a different effect in photos. Spray tans, for example, are notorious for creating an unnatural orange complexion in pictures. Similarly, glitter makeup can cause you to look sweaty. Avoid any such makeup-related problems by having a makeup trial before your wedding day. Click pictures to see how it looks. This will also help you decide if you are happy with the results or prefer to make modifications to your bridal look.


Focus on posture


Good posture will help you look confident and elegant. Even when you feel tired, pull your back straight, suck your stomach in and look straight at the camera when it is time for a picture. Not only will this make you taller and leaner, it will also give you a fresh and energetic look. 


Smile with your eyes


It is impossible to flash a brilliant smile all day long, especially on a hectic wedding day. Don't force yourself to put on a smile if you aren't up to it. Fake grins will do more harm to your pictures than no smile at all. Instead, let your happiness shine in your eyes and it will light up your photos in a beautiful way. Serious photos are also a big trend, so you may like to explore this option. For the portrait shots, enjoy warm and candid moments and ignore the camera unless your photographer calls your attention to it. 


Pack a touch-up kit


Your hair and makeup aren't going to stay intact all day. So, pack a touch-up kit with all the essentials to quickly refresh your look. Set aside few minutes to do a touch up before you take a set of photos, and you will look great in all your pictures, whether they were taken while you were getting ready or at the end of the reception. 


Make the most of natural lighting and beautiful scenery


Photos that strategically use natural light are unusually attractive. So, discuss this aspect with your photographer when planning your photo sessions. Beautiful backdrops can enhance the quality of your pictures manifold. If your venue has picturesque details that look special at certain times of the day, capture it in your backdrop at the right time. For indoor photos, move closer to windows to make the most of the available natural light. 


Have an engagement shoot


An engagement shoot is a valuable experience for both the photographer and the couple. It gives you the chance to work together before the actual wedding day, and become comfortable with each other. When you know your photographer and his style of working first-hand, you will find it easier to relax in front of the camera and enjoy the experience. Once you see your engagement pictures,you can make suggestions for improvements. Your photographer can then tailor the wedding photo shoot to incorporate these changes. 


Relax, involve and enjoy


\Your wedding is a day to enjoy, and your photo sessions shouldn't stress you out. Plan your wedding schedule in such a way that you will not be pushed for time and can enjoy being photographed. Relax and follow your photographer's instructions. Even if you aren't sure about some of his suggestions, give it a try. The more creative you let him be, the more beautiful your wedding album is bound to be. So trust him and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.   


Author Bio: 


Having been in business for over a decade, Best for Bride from Canada, is a wedding dress chain catering to every bridal need under one roof. They feature an impressive collection of designer wedding dresses as well as dress collections for the rest of the bridal party. Detailed information about their dress collections and services are available online, at the Best for Bride wedding website

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Commercial Photography in Houston, Dallas, and Laredo http://www.acunaphoto.com/blog/2015/5/commercial-photography-in-houston-dallas-and-laredo The Perks of Professional Product Photography


What is primary way you sell your product to your customers? Local newsletters? Via your website? Facebook? Do you see what these channels have in common? Pictures. A picture is, undoubtedly, worth a thousand words. The way you first present the image of your product to prospects can pretty much set the tone for the way they perceive not only your product, but your company too. You get what you give. Sloppy picture? Expect sloppy results. Impress your potential customers with professional pictures of your product. Acuna Photography provides commercial photo sessions to help business owners with their advertising needs.  Acuna Photography provides high quality, beautifully crafted pictures for its commercial clients. Take a look at the mouth watering picture we took for a local Mexican restaurant. Doesnt it make you want to drive out there RIGHT now? See? Professional commercial photography is a must! Our team travels through all areas of Texas such as Houston, Dallas, Laredo, and San Antonio. We also provide photography sessions in Louisiana. Need a photographer for your business? Call us today; our contact info divided by region (Houston, Louisiana, South Texas) is located on the contact page.  

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Acuna Photography Travels to Houston http://www.acunaphoto.com/blog/2015/4/our-trips-to-houston I used to call Houston home. I lived right by Minute Maid park. The scenery, the people, and the ambience all drew me in. It was a perfect place to take pictures. When I got married, I moved to East Texas, but I travel to Houston quite frequently for photo sessions. Here is a sample of one of our most recent photography sessions in Houston. Quinceañera photo sessions are generally very family oriented. The Hispanic culture takes great care when planning for a quince. Quality, professional pictures are important! Why? During the party, the best picture is usually displayed at the entrance so guests can see as they walk in. Houston will always be one of my favorite places to visit. If you'd like to set up a photo session in Houston, please contact the Houston Sales Team at 903.521.5281.  

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The Jaramillo-Machado Engagement - El Noviasgo Jaramillo-Machado: Crisp, Classic Pictures http://www.acunaphoto.com/blog/2015/4/the-jaramillo-machado-engagement---el-noviasgo-jaramillo-machado-crisp-classic-pictures One of my personal favorite sessions are engagement picture sessions. When my cousin asked me to be her engagement photographer, I happily obliged. Pictures capture the excitement and emotion of the subjects; when a client is stressed or has other things on their mind, you can easily see that reflected in the pictures. I always encourage clients to schedule shoots on their days off when nothing major is going on. Pictures truly do say 1000 words, so when I get to take pictures of a happy and excited couple, you can see it on their radiant, beaming smiles. 

This particular shoot I found quite challenging. The shoot was in Laredo, TX, where many of my family members live. The weather wasn't the greatest; it had been storming since days before. Combined with the humidity, the air was pretty stale and....hot. My wife and I didn't let it deter us from taking great pictures though! I used the gray skies to my advantage and applied different filters to capture the natural beauty alongside my cousin and her fiancee. Rather than reject the colors of the sky, I decided to embrace them. As a photographer, it is important to be able to improvise; in this instance, the weather led to my slight improvisations that, in the end, made for some great pictures. 

Need an engagement photographer? My wife and I travel all over Texas and Louisiana. We love what we do. Under the contact tab you can find the phone number for your region. 


Have a blessed day. 

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Team Nicole http://www.acunaphoto.com/blog/2015/4/team-nicole Every photographer has a special story to tell. That one session they remember, because it left an impact somehow. I like to tell my clients that I freeze time; technically, I do. Our customers understand the value in capturing moments that they know they will never get back. This past week I had the pleasure of meeting a fighter. Her name is Nicole. She is a beautiful 14 year old teenager currently battling a rare form of Leukemia. You can see her strength radiating through the pictures I took of her in Laredo, TX. Please visit her Facebook page by clicking HERE. You are an inspiration to many, many people Nicole. It was a pleasure working with you.


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Cameras: A Texas Photographer's Review of Sony's A7 and A6000 http://www.acunaphoto.com/blog/2015/2/cameras-a-texas-photographers-review-of-sony-s-a7-and-a6000 Choosing the right camera for your photography business can most certainly seem like a daunting task; just Google prosumer or pro cameras and the results are infinite. The variables alone would make anybody new on the scene (even seasoned pros) dizzy. Every photographer has their own brand preference, and each brand/model has pros and cons to weigh when considering the purchase of a new camera. For the sake of understanding some of the basic concepts of "camera picking," here are reviews on the Sony A7 and A6000:


A7 Basic Specs:

24.30 Megapixels


ISO ranges 50-25600

Shutter speed 30-1/8000

Price? A cool $1299. The least expensive Full Frame on the market.


Best parts about the A7:

This relatively small camera has GREAT resolution. The images it captures are crisp and vibrantly clear. I enjoy the compact size because it definitely is easier to access. The viewfinder is Amazing; never going back to optical again. One thing I noticed immediately are the colors that this camera produces. The accuracy is phenomenal. The layout of the buttons can get some getting use to. While other cameras have too many buttons and switches (and on the flip side, some dont have nearly enough!) the Sony A7 finds a happy medium, providing users with a layout that proves superior to other cameras at its level. Processor is exceptional. 

The not so best parts about the A7:

The battery, buying extra batteries is a must. Focus times could be faster. very loud shutter sound. Needs a silent mode. 



Now, on the to the A6000, another favorite of mine.

Basic Specs:

24.30 MegapixeIs

Kit Lens: 16-50mm

ISO ranges 100-256000 

Shutter speed 30-1/4000

Cost: $800 (with lens kit)

Pros of the A6000:

The high resolution that this camera offers is definitely one of the best aspects. Its incredibly fast too. Honestly, for the price, this camera is pretty amazing. Battery life is absolutely solid. The images it produces are beautiful. High resolution and high ISO range. Great multi shot modes too. Overall all, excellent buy.

The downsides:

Weak flash. No touch screen LCD. The video recording aspect is pretty limited. No mic jack. 


This is a brief overview of just two of some of the best selling cameras available. Many more factors come into play when choosing a camera, and I'll begin to go over those in upcoming blog posts. Stay warm!



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Choosing the Right Photographer http://www.acunaphoto.com/blog/2015/1/choosing-the-right-photographer Choosing the right photographer involves several factors. Here is a simple checklist to look over when shopping around.

1.) Does the photographer you're thinking about hiring have experience in the particular event or photo shoot type you need?

2.) How many years of experience does your photographer have?

3.) Are his or her rates higher/lower than what you've generally seen?

4.) Are you impressed with the samples of his/her work?

5.) Does the photographer have a location or does he travel to you? Are props provided?

6.) Are photo packages available? A la carte? Does he print them for you, or do you receive a CD?

7.) Is there a cancellation policy? 

8.) Can you order the pictures online?

9.) What is the turnaround time after a shoot?

10.) Does he charge hourly for events?

As you can see, there are numerous variables to consider when hiring a photographer. Acuña Photo creates customizable packages for clients. I like making things easy, because customers appreciate it. You can easily find the answers to these questions on my site; if not, I will happily answer questions you have via email or over the phone. 


Acuña Photo proudly provides photography sessions for clients all over East Texas including Tyler, Longview, Dallas, and surrounding areas. Remember, we are the Quinceañera Specialists.

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How Soon Should I Hire a Photographer for My Event? http://www.acunaphoto.com/blog/2015/1/how-soon-should-i-hire-a-photographer-for-my-event I get this question all the time. Weddings and quinceañeras require tedious planning and preparation, as we all know. I personally expect 2-3 months notice at the moment; as the year advances, the advanced notice gradually increases. In order to accommodate client needs such as outdoor wedding and quinceañera shoots, waiting for dresses, gathering all subjects of the shoots, and selecting a day that works for everyone, the more advanced notice I receive the better. It ensures that the photography part of your event runs as smoothly as possible. I know how hectic and frazzled a person can get when things don't go as planned for big events like these. That's why I strive to make your experience with Acuña Photography as pleasant as possible. I understand my customers. Take a look at the gallery to see samples of my work. I will soon update the gallery with more samples of previous shoots. Remember, we happily accept clients not only in Tyler, TX but in surrounding areas such as Dallas and Longview too.  


Let Acuña Photo help with planning your Quinceañera and Wedding photo shoots in Tyler, TX.

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Why Quinceañeras? http://www.acunaphoto.com/blog/2014/12/why-quincea-eras Photographers in my network constantly ask why I chose to specialize in working shoots for quinceañeras. My response is simple: my passion is genuine. Acuna Photography, centralized in East Texas, absolutely prides itself in taking part of a truly cherished celebration within the Hispanic community. From Laredo to Houston to Tyler, I've photographed and attended numerous quinceañeras. I was even a part of one when my sister turned fifteen. It is an environment that I have been acquainted with for a very long time, and I am well aware of the ins and outs of the tradition. I've built packages for my clients so that choosing what they want is as simple as possible. Customized packages also available. 

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Perspectives: The Art of Capturing Time http://www.acunaphoto.com/blog/2014/12/perspectives Perspective is one of the most influential and dynamic aspects of photography. Why? Because no two perceptions of a still image are exactly alike. You see a child that crawls into your bed after a nightmare; I see a 17 year old senior who is about to move out of state for college. You see your son who still raids the fridge; I see a grown man ready to to wed his fiancé. Perspectives change things. Perspectives change the meaning of images. I'm well aware of this concept. This is why I strive to capture as many angles as possible. I vary settings, props, lighting. These elements all come together to create one single image that will forever hold a special place in a client's memory. 

Acuna Photography's goal for 2015 is to simply provide great photography that meets the perspectives each client holds of every person and event I work with. In addition, I hope to build brand new perspectives, ones that will bring a smile to client's face every time they look at one of the photographs I delivered. 

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