Perspectives: The Art of Capturing Time

December 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Perspective is one of the most influential and dynamic aspects of photography. Why? Because no two perceptions of a still image are exactly alike. You see a child that crawls into your bed after a nightmare; I see a 17 year old senior who is about to move out of state for college. You see your son who still raids the fridge; I see a grown man ready to to wed his fiancé. Perspectives change things. Perspectives change the meaning of images. I'm well aware of this concept. This is why I strive to capture as many angles as possible. I vary settings, props, lighting. These elements all come together to create one single image that will forever hold a special place in a client's memory. 

Acuna Photography's goal for 2015 is to simply provide great photography that meets the perspectives each client holds of every person and event I work with. In addition, I hope to build brand new perspectives, ones that will bring a smile to client's face every time they look at one of the photographs I delivered. 


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