Cameras: A Texas Photographer's Review of Sony's A7 and A6000

February 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Choosing the right camera for your photography business can most certainly seem like a daunting task; just Google prosumer or pro cameras and the results are infinite. The variables alone would make anybody new on the scene (even seasoned pros) dizzy. Every photographer has their own brand preference, and each brand/model has pros and cons to weigh when considering the purchase of a new camera. For the sake of understanding some of the basic concepts of "camera picking," here are reviews on the Sony A7 and A6000:


A7 Basic Specs:

24.30 Megapixels


ISO ranges 50-25600

Shutter speed 30-1/8000

Price? A cool $1299. The least expensive Full Frame on the market.


Best parts about the A7:

This relatively small camera has GREAT resolution. The images it captures are crisp and vibrantly clear. I enjoy the compact size because it definitely is easier to access. The viewfinder is Amazing; never going back to optical again. One thing I noticed immediately are the colors that this camera produces. The accuracy is phenomenal. The layout of the buttons can get some getting use to. While other cameras have too many buttons and switches (and on the flip side, some dont have nearly enough!) the Sony A7 finds a happy medium, providing users with a layout that proves superior to other cameras at its level. Processor is exceptional. 

The not so best parts about the A7:

The battery, buying extra batteries is a must. Focus times could be faster. very loud shutter sound. Needs a silent mode. 



Now, on the to the A6000, another favorite of mine.

Basic Specs:

24.30 MegapixeIs

Kit Lens: 16-50mm

ISO ranges 100-256000 

Shutter speed 30-1/4000

Cost: $800 (with lens kit)

Pros of the A6000:

The high resolution that this camera offers is definitely one of the best aspects. Its incredibly fast too. Honestly, for the price, this camera is pretty amazing. Battery life is absolutely solid. The images it produces are beautiful. High resolution and high ISO range. Great multi shot modes too. Overall all, excellent buy.

The downsides:

Weak flash. No touch screen LCD. The video recording aspect is pretty limited. No mic jack. 


This is a brief overview of just two of some of the best selling cameras available. Many more factors come into play when choosing a camera, and I'll begin to go over those in upcoming blog posts. Stay warm!




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