The Jaramillo-Machado Engagement - El Noviasgo Jaramillo-Machado: Crisp, Classic Pictures

April 26, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

One of my personal favorite sessions are engagement picture sessions. When my cousin asked me to be her engagement photographer, I happily obliged. Pictures capture the excitement and emotion of the subjects; when a client is stressed or has other things on their mind, you can easily see that reflected in the pictures. I always encourage clients to schedule shoots on their days off when nothing major is going on. Pictures truly do say 1000 words, so when I get to take pictures of a happy and excited couple, you can see it on their radiant, beaming smiles. 

This particular shoot I found quite challenging. The shoot was in Laredo, TX, where many of my family members live. The weather wasn't the greatest; it had been storming since days before. Combined with the humidity, the air was pretty stale My wife and I didn't let it deter us from taking great pictures though! I used the gray skies to my advantage and applied different filters to capture the natural beauty alongside my cousin and her fiancee. Rather than reject the colors of the sky, I decided to embrace them. As a photographer, it is important to be able to improvise; in this instance, the weather led to my slight improvisations that, in the end, made for some great pictures. 

Need an engagement photographer? My wife and I travel all over Texas and Louisiana. We love what we do. Under the contact tab you can find the phone number for your region. 


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