Unplugged Wedding Dallas, Texas

July 11, 2016  •  1 Comment

How and why to have an 'Unplugged Wedding'


What is an Unplugged Wedding?

Going unplugged is one of the trendiest and thoughtful new ways brides and grooms are asking guests to simply unplug and put their phones away. This is simply a personal choice, and one that will have your guests truly invested in the experience and joy of your big day rather than trying to get the best shot on their smartphone, tablet or gaming device. Some experts in wedding photography have said some people even bring loud gaming devices! The point of an unplugged wedding is to simply be device free and totally present.


Why You Should Consider an Unplugged Wedding 

If you’ve hired a professional wedding photographer, you might want to consider an unplugged wedding. Especially if you’ve spent a lot of money on your professional photographer to capture every sweet moment. Going unplugged keeps guests from getting in the way of professional shots. Unplugged is also good in terms of religious ceremonies, because some Dallas, Texas churches may not allow photography inside chapels -- just from a doorway or balcony. Being unplugged means less chance of guests getting in the way and ruining shots of your precious “I do”. 


How to Go Unplugged (While Still Being Polite)

When it comes to going unplugged with wedding photography at your Dallas, Texas wedding you can do a few trendy things. 


  • Hang a cool sign or chalkboard up in the front of your ceremony and reception hall that reads: We love your smiling faces and want you to be fully present. Please put away all cameras and phones until after the first dance. 


  • Have a basket at the door asking people to politely go unplugged together. 


  • Announce it in your invitations (not on the invitation itself, but on the wedding website or as an insert in the envelope). That way people are prepared to be unplugged in advance and can simply leave their phones and cameras at home or in the car! 




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