Dallas Wedding Photographer Eli N. Acuna in Los Angels, California

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It was a day just like this one; the cloudless sky gave way for beautiful, unfiltered sunlight. When we arrived at the wedding location in Dallas, I immediately focused on the outdoor patio and gorgeous trees surrounding the property. 
We got to work immediately. The bride’s excitement reverberated through the small room where she had hair/makeup. It was difficult not to get caught up in the laughter as the family playfully joked around while Diana had her makeup done. The wedding was about 2 hours away. 
I quietly slipped out and shot the carefully crafted table top decor in the ballroom. It was obvious that much care was given; the wedding reception setup was crafted down to the finest details. 
As the people arrived, we could feel the rush of excitement begin to build. Friends and family were not only happy to be there for the couple, but they were also amazed at the natural scenery. The setting for photography was perfect!
We managed to get some great shots while the groom got ready. He was a little nervous about the wedding but eased up towards the end as everything began to fall into place. The ceremony went smoothly; before we knew it, it was time for the reception. The couple looked extremely excited. 
The couple’s family members expressed their love for the two in heartfelt speeches during dinner. After many tears of happiness for the union, the wedding party got started. The crowd danced to the upbeat music through the cool night outside amongst the beautiful Dallas lights. It was a pleasure shooting this wedding. We wish you the best! 


Wedding Day Photography Albert & Diana in Los Angeles, CaliforniaWedding Day Photography Albert & Diana in Los Angeles, California


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