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About Me

My name is Eli Acuna, and I’m a professional photographer living in Dallas, TX. My curiosity was piqued the day my first daughter was born; I couldn’t put the camera down. I wanted to capture every single moment. Ten years later, I am lucky to find myself setting up photo and video shoots, editing, and directing multi-media projects  for large corporations and churches. My passion has grown into a full time business. 


About Acuna Photo

Acuna Photography specizliazes in crafting high-quality, results driven marketing material in the form of photo and video for all its corporate clients. We ensure to understand our customers’ vision and implement it into the creative process. We pride ourselves on our sense of professionalism; we are confident about the product we deliver.


Core Values


AP delivers fine tuned, carefully crafted and customized final products to its customers. Our attention to detail is unmatched in the Dallas area. 

Results Driven

We understand what our clients want: to grow their businesses and attract the right kind of people. You need to capture the attention of your prospective customers. We strive to understand who your prospects are so that we can create the RIGHT type of image and video for you.


AP’s sense of professionalism is not only reflected in our work, but in the way we interact with our corporate clients too. We deliver products in a timely manner, and ensure that our clients understand every aspect of the project process. We are always available to answer questions and we strive to work with you so that you receive exactly what you want.