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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What are your rates?

Please contact me at by phone or on the contact submission form for rate inquiries. Acuna Photography provides excellent rates and quality work in order to ensure 100% client satisfaction. 

2.) Where do photo shoots take place? 

Photo shoots are held at the client's desired location. We currently service the state of Texas and Louisiana. 

3.) Do you provide props?

Props are available upon request. 

4.) How long is the average photo shoot?

Photo shoot time lengths depend on the theme, but on average, most shoots take about 2-3 hours. 

5.) Do you have photography packages to choose from?

Yes! We have customizable packages for our clients. I understand that choosing pictures, CDs, sizes, and so on can be really confusing. We will gladly help you pick a package and customize it if you'd like. We created wedding and quinceañera packages, and we also have senior portrait and birthday photo shoot packages. 

6.) What can I expect during a photo shoot?

It depends. Outdoor shoots are a little more up in the air since it can get really hot or really cold. Indoor shoots are better controlled. Some shoots take longer than others. Quinceañera photo shoots generally take longer since dress changes are common. Newborn and baby photo shoots take much patience (which I have!) since baby decides when he/she feels like giving us the perfect shot! Pets...pets are one of my favorites. However, as you can imagine, dogs and cats aren't too keen on sitting still for so long. And that's completely fine! We love pets and utilize a patience that is only learned through this specific trade.